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For water rescuers, a throwbag is one of the most useful, crucial and versatile equipments available. For years, throwbags have been used by rescue teams to pull rafters, canoeists, kayakers and swimmers back to safety. At Feld Fire, we have a large collection of top of the line throwbags from some of the best known brands in the industry including RQ3, Prijon and Wild Water.

The construction and design of these throwbags can meet the requirements of very demanding and skilled rescue professionals. These are reliable, high quality and resilient products that have been helping rescuers save lives for years.

For top of the line performance, try the RQ3 Ultimate Throwbag. This is a sleek, lightweight and easy to use throwbag with a "no knot" system. It features a length of 75 feet, offers high visibility and is incredibly easy to repack. Our collection also includes snag plates and water resistant LED lights.

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