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Tohatsu VF21BS Fire Pump
Tohatsu VF21BS Fire Pump

Tohatsu VF21BS Fire Pump

Part Number:VF21BS
Retail Price:$8,385.00
Your Savings:$840.00(10%)
Your Price: $7,545.00

209cc Tohatsu 4-stroke,2-cylinder,
water cooled gasoline engine
Authorized output
10PS (7.3kW)
Pump performance
500 liter / min. at 0.6MPa
250 liter / min. at 0.8MPa
Dry weight
Outline drawingPerformance Curve

Features of VF21BS

1.The quietest in TOHATSU fire pumps. 

2.The lightest & the most compact model in its class. Compact design allows it to fit fire truck layouts.
Light weight & compact design gives it maximum transportability, usability and maneuverability.

3.Easy to handle with its simplicityportability & straight forward usage. 

4.Designed for easy & smooth operation Easy to understand instruction panel. 

5.Fuel effciency. 
VF21BS 4 stroke technology saves fuel!

1. Battery charger
2. Tool kit
Optional accessories
1.Floodlight projector
2.Plastic toolbox
Some different type of adapters for suction port and discharge ports are available.


Engine:Type:Tohatsu 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, water cooled gasoline engine
Bore & Stroke:55mm x 44mm (2.17 x 1.73 inch)
Piston displacement:209cc (12.7 cu in)
Authorized output:7.3kW / 10PS
Fuel tank:4.3 liters (1.14 gal)
Fuel consumption:3.1 liters/Hr (0.82 gal / Hr)
Ignition:Flywheel magneto (C.D.I.system)
Starting system:Starter motor and recoil system
Lubrication:Wet sump
Engine oil:API rating of SF, SG, SH or SJ. SAE 10W30/40, 5W/0W-30
Engine oil tank capacity:1 liter (when oil filter is replaced)
Spark plug:NGK DCPR6E
Floodlight projector:12V55W
Battery:12V-12Ah/ 10h
Pump:Type:Single suction, single stage, centrifugal pump
Discharge Thread and Dia. :JIS fire thread (B-9912) 2-1/2" (65mm) male
BSP thread 65mm (G 2-1/2") male
Suction Thread and Dia. :JIS fire thread (B-9912) 2-1/2" (65mm) male
BSP thread 65mm (G 2-1/2") male
Priming:Rotary-vane vacuum pump (Oilless type)
Pump performance:
(Suction height: 3m)
500 liter/min. at 0.6MPa
250 liter/min. at 0.8MPa
Dimensions:Length 480mm x Width 590mm x Height 560mm
Max. suction height:Approx. 9m (29.5 feet)

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