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University of Iowa Neonatal/Pediatric Unit

University of Iowa Neonatal/Pediatric Unit

Iowa City, IA


This Neonatal/Pediatric unit was designed in complete coordination with the Paramedics and Nurses who will be using the ambulance. The needs of the patient and planning for all critical care needs that could come up during transport were incorporated into this design. 


The ambulance has a VMUX electrical programming system that allows controlling the entire unit from the fingertips at 3 different locations throughout the ambulance. We have a generator onboard in case the need for emergency power arises. Another concern was to never have to worry about running out of oxygen for the patient. The ambulance has 2 full-sized “M” - O2 bottles with Zico lifts located on the street side, and a full-sized medical air bottle also with a Zico Lift, located on the curbside of the ambulance. The ambulance also is equipped with a drawer to hold 4 “D” bottles of O2. Located on the street side of the ambulance we have installed Intraxx mounts to hold the many monitors that may be needed for the patient. Conveniently located to each side of the CPR seat, these 4 racks allow for excellent vision of the monitors on the patient. This system provides an easy “lock-in” and easy removal in case they need to keep the monitors with the patient upon arrival at the hospital. The one-hand open feature on all of the cabinets allows for faster access time into the cabinets. We also have installed Executive High Back seating throughout the patient module for maximum safety and comfort for the Paramedics and Nurses on the potentially long drives to the larger hospitals. The calm color palette of greys provides a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for the patient.

The wrap on the ambulance features layers of reflective vinyl on top of the base vinyl – the glow from the reflectivity really pops on this colorful design. The wrap was done in Carroll at I Saw the Sign.

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