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Valves & Wyes

It has been our practice since 1945 to provide the best materials to firefighters and firefighting agencies. In keeping with our proud tradition of service to those who serve and protect us, we offer the highest quality hose/hydrant valves and wyes on the market. Our products are made of the strongest possible materials to ensure the greatest performance for those who need it the most. 

What Kind of Valves and Wyes Do We Offer?  

We offer a wide variety of different valves that address all potential customer needs. Our selection includes relief valves, manifolds, ball valves, hydrant and hydrant gate valves, Siamese valves, and numerous others. In addition, we also offer wyes, elbows, and hydrant adapters to ensure good quality control throughout the system. Every item within this category has been pressure rated to make certain that they will reliably serve their purpose. We offer products that are rated for the trucks and for hydrants to serve all possible needs.

Feld Fire is proud to have served firefighter needs for over seven decades. We strive to be the best in providing services and products to those within the industry while acting as an authoritative voice in fire equipment. Ready to order? Browse our selection below or give us a call today!
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Kochek Haz Mat Adapter Wye
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Hydrant Gate Valve
Hydrant Ball Valve
Ball Intake Relief Valve
LP Relief Valve
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