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Wheel Chocks

Stop using any kind of wheel stop for your trailers, fire trucks, and more. Grabbing a board or old 2x4 to stop the wheels on a trailer filled with valuable cargo just isn't worth the risk of potential disaster. Did you know that it costs less than twenty dollars to buy a beautiful Rubbermaid Pyramid Wheel Chock with eye bolt in black? This system is specifically made to stop wheels, so you know it will get the job done. 

What Do Wheel Chocks Do?

Many wheel chocks are composed of a slick back finish of shiny black rubber with a durable, solid composition. Whether you need it for work or vacation, all of our chocks are perfect for trailering and stopping a large RV. These can even be easily hung or stored away for use later. There's really no reason not to buy one of these wheel chocks. 

The wheel chock is made with an aggressive tread on the surfaces that actually block the wheels of the trailer, large RV, truck, or SUV. The lighter weight makes this chock easy to place and we have several different options for different size tires. 

Trust Feld Fire

At Feld Fire, we want to provide you with the widest selection of products and equipment possible so that you'll get exactly what you need every time. If you need wheel chocks, whether it's for a large or small vehicle, we can help. We carry everything. Shop our selection below or give us a call today for a free quote!

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Rubber Contour w/ Eye Bolt
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Rubber Pyramid w/ Eye Bolt
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