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Air Chisels

As any seasoned firefighter can attest, having access to reliable, high-quality tools is crucial, particularly during emergencies. Many situations require rapid and efficient responses, giving firefighters little time to fumble with gear or worry about shoddy equipment. That’s why we take outfitting the nation’s firefighting forces very seriously here at Feld Fire. Servicing fire departments across the nation for over 60 years.

What Kind of Rescue Kits do We Offer?

Is your department in need of an air chisel or any related accessories? Feld Fire has you covered! Specifically built with strength and endurance in mind, each of our air chisel kits will provide your team with an indispensable tool, complete with various attachments and add-ons. Choose from one of four different air chisel kits, each graded differently for a variety of tasks. Beginning with a 7-piece Standard Duty kit, customers can go up to the impressive X11-RK Axess Tool and Rescue Kit, depending on the needs, as well as the budget, of the department. In addition, trim and molding removal tools (crucial in speeding up the extraction of victims from vehicles) are offered as well. Designed for saving lives, all of the products on this page live up to the highest manufacturing standards possible and are guaranteed to do the job, no matter how hard.

Of course, Feld Fire offers plenty of other safety equipment and gear options as well. Browse our site and explore the many options available to you and your department. Fighting fires and facing ever-changing emergency situations is stressful enough without having to worry about tools. Give your team that extra confidence they deserve and choose only the best and most reliable equipment. Go with Feld Fire for your fire fighting equipment needs. We’re confident our products will exceed your every expectation, so shop online today or give us a call!
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