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Getting The Right Firefighting Gear At Feld Fire

Posted by Joe on 6/19/2012 to Fire Fighting
Especially in the dry summer months, the safety our firefighters is a top concern. Especially in some areas of the country, firefighters face possible brush fires and blazes and must risk their lives for the safety of others. Making sure that your city's/town's firefighting equipment is functional and up-to-date is not just a courtesy, it's our duty.

Summary of the Critical Health and Safety Issues in the Volunteer Fire Service Report

Posted by Bryan on 6/16/2012 to Fire Fighting
Firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and other emergency responders face danger everyday from exposure to smoke and toxins, deadly temperatures, and stress as well as issues surrounding personal protective equipment, vehicle safety, and personal health.

Honoring All of America's Bravest: A List of Brave American Careers

Posted by Bryan on 6/9/2012 to Fire Fighting
Everyday we read news stories detailing the bravery of our Firefighting brothers and sisters across America. Everyday, we feel proud. To honor our friends, and the rest of America's finest and bravest, we've added a few more career paths that are often overlooked and taken for granted. Without some of these difficult professions, our country would not be the same.

Keeping Your House Safe from Fire Hazards

Posted by Joe P. on 5/24/2012 to Fire News
With more families keeping charging systems plugged in for hours at a time, the risk of a fire starting from an electrical device has risen. In fact, fire fighting statistics observe that an increasing number of house fires each year are caused by computers, gaming systems, and other electronic items that have been left to charge for prolonged periods. When families want to avoid starting fires with their electronics, they are urged to take safety precautions before leaving home or going to sleep for the night.

Fighting Fire With Fire: A History

Posted by Bryan on 5/16/2012 to Fire Fighting History
The phrase "fight fire with fire" means to respond to any type of attack with force equal or similar to the attacker; however, the saying originated with a more literal connotation. While using controlled fires dates back thousands of years, the idea was brought to the United States during the 1800's.

Take a Moment to Thank a Firefighter

Posted by Bryan on 5/4/2012 to Fire Fighting
They head out every day -- weekends and holidays too. They work in sweltering heat and in the cold of winter. The truth is, these men and women are heroes every day of the year simply for opting to perform challenging, dangerous work in an effort to keep the rest of us safe.

A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

Posted by Bryan on 3/19/2012 to Fire Fighting
We all have a preconceived idea of what firefighters do. It looks, at first glance, to be an exciting job.

Prepping Your Kitchen for Fire Safety

Posted by Joe on 2/12/2012 to Fire Safety
Fire safety at home is crucial, fire safety in the kitchen, even more so. The kitchen is one place in the home where a multitude of fires can start.
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