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Say What?: Steps to Prevent These Words from Being Uttered

Posted by Feldfire Team on 6/18/2014
Fire or other life-threatening situations (like extrication) can be very dangerous for firefighters, first responders and the victims.

PTSD: It's Not Just for those in the Military... How Fire Fighters Are Affected

Posted by FeldFire on 5/29/2014 to Fire Fighting
The problem is that, with firefighters tending to be a prideful sort, some of the PTSD cases go undiagnosed and thus untreated because these men and women don't generally ask for help.

Firefighter Fitness the Key to Saving Lives, Starting with Your Own

Posted by FeldFire on 5/23/2014 to Fire Fighting
Firefighter Fitness the Key to Saving Lives, Starting with Your Own
Firefighters must stay fit and strong. Failure to do so can keep them from being able to perform the duties of their profession and can even keep them from leading long and enjoyable lives.

Automobile Emergency Kit

Posted by Feldfire on 5/22/2014
Whether you are going on a road trip, driving in inclement weather, or just going on your normal weekday commute, it is a good idea to equip your car with the right tools in the event of an emergency.

Protecting You and Your Family from Carbon Monoxide

Posted by Feld Fire on 5/20/2014
Carbon monoxide can kill you. Indeed, CO, as it is also called, kills close to 500 people in America each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Most Fire-resistant Building Materials

Posted by Joe P on 5/13/2014
The time it takes for firefighters to get to a fire sceneis important. The time it takes for a fire to start, the time it takes to spread and the time it takes to collapse a building or burn through an acre of forest is very important.

Take Your Smoke Alarms Seriously

Posted by John Feld on 5/6/2014 to Fire Safety
When your home was first built, it was constructed up to a certain code. That code meant that your home was safe to inhabit. Some parts of your home are mandated to be up to this code. One mandatory piece of equipment that every home needs is a smoke alarm.

4 Fire Safety Tips

Posted by John Feld on 4/19/2014 to Fire Safety
According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, over 3,400 people in the United States perish in fires each year and another 17,500 are injured. Many fires happen at home. Following some basic fire safety tips may help save your life.

Smart Fire Department Shopping

Posted by John Feld on 4/12/2014 to Fire Equipment

Fire chiefs have one of the toughest jobs anywhere.  They have to deal with life-threatening environments like fires, highway wreck scenes, and natural disaster areas.  Beside physical dangers, they also have to smartly budget public monies in tough economic times and get ready to answer to their taxpayers.  Now that’s scary! 

How to Safely Use an Extension Ladder

Posted by Carlos on 3/24/2014 to Fire Fighting
With 300 fatalities and approximately 160,000 injuries per year resulting from falling off a ladder, you would think that everyone would take the safe use of an extension ladder seriously. Ladders are so simple to use that most people don’t even think twice about it. If your job requires the use of such ladders from time to time, whether it’s homebuilding or firefighting, it’s important to keep in mind these safe use practices.
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