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Things to Consider When Buying Turnout Gear

Posted by John on 10/31/2013 to Fire Equipment
One of the most important decisions a fire fighter makes is choosing the correct turnout gear. Turnout gear is essentially the uniform fire fighters wear when on a call. In some cases, this protective clothing means the difference between life and death. As such, it is essential to choose the correct turnout gear for your needs. There are many different factors to consider when shopping for new turnout gear.

A History of Fire Turnout Gear

Posted by Technical Support User on 10/30/2013 to Fire Fighting
Modern turnout gear, which also goes by the name bunker gear, is an engineering marvel. The gear allows fire fighters to brave heat, flames, water and smoke, all while retaining their mobility. However, this gear did not spring into existence fully formed. Rather, the modern gear is an accumulation of features based on decades of work and observation, refined through generations of firemen wearing the best gear available at the time.

What You Need in a Generator

Posted by John Feld on 10/23/2013 to Fire Equipment
Power up! The best way to get things going is to give it a little voltage. A generator is a box full of power that can keep the electricity sparking when nature decides to cut the primary source.

Review of Shelby Specialty Gloves

Posted by John Feld on 10/22/2013 to Fire Equipment
When it comes down to hands on work and activities, gloves can be the most important things you purchase. From police officers, to fireman, to the outdoors driven, there are gloves for all types of jobs! Shelby is a brand of glove that offers a variety of specialty gloves for those who care about keeping their hands and jobs safe and sound.

Battling Mother Nature: Fire Equipment to Keep You Safe

Posted by Andrea Helleny on 10/15/2013 to Fire Fighting
Fighting fires is an extremely dangerous task. Beyond the obvious danger from the heat of the fire, the job carries many hidden risks, such as falls, impacts, structural collapses, smoke inhalation and more. To keep yourself safe while battling fires, you or your department must invest in quality gear, such as helmets, gloves, boots and bunker gear.

What to Look For in a Fire Fighting Helmet

Posted by John Feld on 10/15/2013
Fire-fighting helmets are one of the most important pieces of equipment fire fighters need when battling a ferocious blaze. Today's helmet designs come in leather or fiberglass composite and include several variations, such as face masks and shields, but their basic purpose is the same: to save the life of a fire fighter by protecting the head and neck.

Essential Safety Gear for Fire Fighters

Posted by John F. on 10/14/2013 to Fire Fighting
Fire fighters are among the first responders to emergency situations. Their safety is of utmost importance when answering these calls. It is critical that they have the proper gear to protect them when entering a burning building. This keeps the fire fighter safe and allows them to be more effective.
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