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Protecting The Hands of Firefighters

Posted by John on 12/30/2013 to Fire Equipment
Of all the items firefighters wear for structural firefighting, the most misunderstood is probably the gloves. Among the footwear, helmets and garments worn, gloves are considered a throwaway item of the protective gear, and oftentimes, they are given very little consideration when purchased.

Being Prepared for Traffic Safety

Posted by John on 12/29/2013 to Fire Equipment
Traffic safety is extremely important, and there are certain things that are necessary to keep the safety under control. These items have become familiar figures to people all over America.
The bright colors and attractive items that are used to manage traffic safety are essential because they literally make people pay attention. Without these influential items there could be lots of chaos on the road.

The Importance of Dry Turnout Gear

Posted by John on 12/27/2013 to Fire Equipment
Water is the number one tool in the firefighter’s arsenal. However, water can also be harmful or even deadly in certain situations. Here are the facts about how water can affect your turnout gear and the dangers you could face.

5 Essential Tools to Pack in Your Turnout Gear

Posted by John on 12/26/2013 to Fire Safety
Have you ever wondered what little things you could carry in your turnout gear that might one day make all the difference in the world? Here are five things that no firefighter should ever be without.

Having the Right Emergency Lights

Posted by John Feld on 12/23/2013 to Fire Equipment
How often do you pay attention to the emergency lights and sirens that you see on the road? They attract any and everyone so that you aware of the fact that there is an emergency.

Some people believe that all of these lights are the same, however there are many different types of emergency lights and sirens that are extremely effective in achieving their mission and purpose.

Characteristics of Good Wildland Firefighting Boots

Posted by John Feld on 12/20/2013
There are numerous brands and varieties of firefighting boots, so consider each boot's potential characteristics before selecting your own pair. Wildland firefighting boots all share some similar qualities, such as being fire-resistant, but each pair is likely to feel different on your feet. In addition to looking for key safety characteristics, you need a boot that is comfortable and easy to put on and remove.

How Do You Know if You Have the Right Boots?

Posted by John Feld on 12/14/2013 to Fire Equipment
When it comes down to your boots, you need to make sure that they are always ready for action. There are many styles with several features that can make certain pairs the right or wrong match for you.
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