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Fighting Fire in Cold Weather: Tips for Success

Posted by John on 2/28/2014 to Fire Fighting
Cold weather makes an already dangerous job even more difficult. If you work as a firefighter in an area that sees cold weather, these tips will help make your job safer and less strenuous during the winter season.

Great Gift Ideas for Firefighters

Posted by John on 2/25/2014 to Fire Equipment
Firefighting, whether in urban locations or the wilderness is an exhausting, intense, and challenging career. If you have loved ones working for any kind of firefighting team, here are some unique ideas to bring a smile to their day no matter the occasion.

Must-Have Characteristics in Quality Firefighting Gear

Posted by John on 2/20/2014 to Fire Safety
Have you ever paused to consider what some of the most dangerous jobs are in the world? While the list could vary from individual to individual, firefighters are probably on most lists. The job of a firefighter involves dousing dangerous flames, participating in daring rescues, and spending each shift ready to save lives and protect his station’s city. These arduous jobs cannot be completed without the right gear and clothing. Consider some of the must-have characteristics in the highest quality firefighting gear.

Jobs That Use Fireproof Safety Gear

Posted by John on 2/18/2014 to Fire Safety
Fireproof gear and clothing are essential safety equipment for workers in a number of professions. Modern fireproof gear comes in different styles, each specially designed to protect the wearer from different types of accident and injury. Here is a look at some of the jobs in which fireproof safety equipment is especially important.

Be Ready for Any Fire With Quality Fire Gloves

Posted by on 2/13/2014 to Fire Safety
When you work in a profession that involves fighting fires or rescuing others, your hands are the most important tools you can rely on. Not only are they responsible for holding fire-fighting and rescue equipment, but they are also responsible for the most important task of saving lives and helping guide people out of harm’s way.

The Importance of Quality Firefighting Gear

Posted by John Feld on 2/5/2014 to Fire Equipment
Firefighters have one of the most dangerous yet important jobs in the nation. They are responsible for putting out hazardous fires, participating in daring rescues, and responding to other bad situations such as car accidents. Wearing protective gear is essential if an individual is going to stay safe while performing his job duties. Below, you will find some of the most important reasons that firefighters must wear quality firefighting gear.

A Brief History of Fire Fighting Equipment

Posted by John Feld on 2/4/2014 to Fire Equipment
Fire is an important part of civilization, but it can also be very dangerous. Ever since humans started using fire, they have tried to protect themselves against its harmful effects. Organized fire fighting has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Romans even had special groups of citizens who were appointed to fight fires in cities.
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