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Living in Forest Fire Country

Posted by Bryan on 8/25/2012 to Fire Safety
Those who live in areas prone to forest fires need to take precautions every season that include having an evacuation plan in place in the event that they need to quickly leave their homes. Forest fires driven by wind move swiftly and often unpredictably, and homeowners have little time to evacuate when the need arises.

How To Become A Volunteer Firefighter

Posted by Bryan on 8/15/2012 to Fire Fighting
Volunteer firefighting can be tedious and strenuous work and it could take a toll on your family time, and your emotional and psychological well being. But it could also be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do.

The Beginnings of the Volunteer Firefighter

Posted by Joe P on 8/12/2012 to Fire Fighting
Throughout the world, many of our towns and cities are protected by firefighters like yourself; they provide fire protection and other emergency services to the local citizen. Although many view the fire department as a necessity, not all municipalities can afford to pay for this service.

Fire Safety Tips for Homeowners

Posted by Bryan on 8/10/2012 to Fire Safety
No matter where you live, the threat of fire is there.  Make sure that your family and your home are better protected in the event of a fire by following this list of residential fire safety suggestions.

Pre-Fire Defensive Strategies

Posted by Joe P on 8/5/2012 to Fire Safety
Fire Safety can be a challenge in wooded or other areas where lots of brush and debris accumulates. This is especially true along the wildland urban interface (WUI) zone of cities and suburbs where homes and other property are located in close to or within heavily wooded area where there is lots of vegetation and brush that accumulates throughout the year.

Fire Safety Tips for Children

Posted by Joe P. on 8/2/2012 to Fire Safety
Fire safety is a subject that should be taught to children early in life. There are several fire prevention tips parents can teach their kids to ensure for their safety.
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