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Red Oak Fire Department

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Red Oak, IA


Congratulations to the Red Oak Fire Department on the delivery of their new Wheeled Coach Type 1 Ambulance! It was a pleasure to work with your committee on the custom design of your new ambulance! A few of the unique features of this ambulance are:

  • Location of the compressor and inverter above the O2 compartment on the driver’s side – this frees up compartment 2 for more storage at an accessible location.

  • Whelen Pioneer PFH1 side scene lights

  • Whelen M-series lighting – now backed with a lifetime warranty!

  • Reinforced wall of compartment 4 for SCBA Pak storage

  • 6” drop skirt making entry and exiting into the unit much easier!

  • CPR seat slid rearward for optimal patient care!

  • Extended action area

  • Third Set of switches located on the curbside allow for regulating lighting and temp control from any seating position

  • Pharmguard located on the bulkhead wall

  • Blue and White Trough lighting – allows for a more calming light during stable transports!

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