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the WauK® board
the WauK® board

the WauK® board

Part Number:WBS100-SO
Retail Price:$999.99
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the WauK® board Patient Backboard


Designed to prevent first responder back injuries and extend careers, the WauK® board is the newest innovation in patient extrication. It's a dolly designed specifically for transporting people. This patient transport board allows first responders to roll their patients to safety instead of carrying them.

The WauK® board's one-of-a-kind, patented design adds the functionality of a dolly to a conventional backboard, allowing a first responder to extract an immobilized patient from tight, restricted spaces without back injury to the first responder. This unique dolly feature allows first responders to:

  • roll a patient, rather than carry a patient
  • remove patients from the most constricted locations
  • prevent career limiting back injuries
  • prevent movement of the patient during extrication

How It Works

Two 3" diameter wheels at the foot end provide smooth rollability. A rugged built-in foot rest perpendicular to the board when opened, or flush with the board when folded shut.


X-ray translucent
Capacity: 500 lb.
MRI compatible
Reinforced for extreme rigidity
Floats in water
Impervious to body fluids
Easily decontaminated


Fits in a standard backboard storage cabinet:

 standardWauK® boardNEW!
compactWauK® board
 2" additional patient head roomfits smaller ambulances
overall length80"77.75"
length from top of foot rest to head of board74"72"
thickness at wheels3.5"3.5"
part numberWBS100-SOWBC110-SO

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