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The Macaw Backpack
The Macaw Backpack

The Macaw Backpack

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The award-winning Macaw® Backpack is a compact and ergonomic portable CAFS with a five-gallon tank powered by a high-pressure SCBA air cylinder or a low-pressure air compressor port. Much more powerful than a standard extinguisher, its carried water can be multiplied up to 175 gallons of finished foam with up to a 30-foot throw distance for enhanced exposure protection. It’s the perfect rapid response unit for laying down wet lines, controlling flare-ups, hot spotting, knockdown and more.

Additional Features:

- Comfortable, Ergonomic Design

- Adaptable for a Wide Range of Air Cylinders

- Drafting Capabilities Which Enable Pumping Water Uphill from a Natural Source

Comes with:


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