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Ajax Rescue Tools 911-RKM Super Duty Air Hammer Master Rescue Kit
911-RKM Super Duty Master Rescue Kit

Ajax Rescue Tools 911-RKM Super Duty Air Hammer Master Rescue Kit

Part Number:911-RKM
Your Price: $3,615.00
Ajax Rescue Tools 911-RKM Super Duty Air Hammer Master Rescue Kit
The 911-RKM Super Duty Master Kit is our most forceful kit.  This kit features the most powerful and hardest hitting hammer.  This is the kit that is used when you don’t know what you will need to cut to perform the Rescue or Extrication.  The 911-RKM uses  .498 shank chisels and includes non-turn and turn type chisels, and all the items necessary to start the Rescue or Extrication process.

The 911-RKM Master Kit includes a 1/2” Impact Wrench (Ajax #1985), and an 11-Piece fractional socket set (Ajax #1986)

All Ajax Rescue tools need to be used with care and you need to follow all safety precautions that are listed by the manufacturer and all safety procedures deemed necessary by your place of employment.  These safety procedures will include but are not limited to wearing proper safety apparel, wearing safety goggles, and using all tools in the way that they were intended to be used. Ajax Rescue Tools asks all users of our products to follow all safety precautions and to use our tools with care.

Each Ajax Rescue Kit features an air hammer specially selected for its durability and dependability. Every Rescue Kit includes an Ajax Kwik Change Retainer. The Kwik Change Retainer was originally developed by Ajax to hold the cutting tool securely in place, yet allowing the technician to change tools in a matter of seconds during emergency procedures. The Kwik Change Retainer also allows the technician the use of Ajax Exclusive Non-turn chisel bits. These Non-turn bits can be indexed into different positions to allow one-hand operation of the hammer when necessary. The Ajax Kwik Change Retainer is the only retainer that lets you use both Turn type and Non-turn type chisel bits. The Ajax Rescue Tools high-pressure regulator has a universal design which allows the technician to use either 2216 psi or 4500 psi air tanks without having to change the regulator. This regulator is rated at an operating pressure up to 300 psi, which is well above the recommended operating pressure of most air tools. Normal body metals, such as, A, B and C posts, quarter panels and firewalls require only 90 psi. However, heavier metals, such as Nader pins, door hinges, etc., may require 150-160 psi.  A safety blow-off valve prevents the technician from exceeding the maximum pressure capacity level. This regulator lets you operate the tool at the proper air pressure essential for the most efficient operation while allowing you to use extra air power when needed. This allows the rescue technician to adjust to a higher operating pressure when attempting to cut through heavier steel, and complete a successful rescue or extrication..

 911-RK Super Duty Air Hammer Rescue Kit Includes:

  • (1) 1976 Hammer for .498-in. shank tools
  • (1) 3700S-3 Retainer
  • (1) 8245H Regulator
  • (2) 8260 Ergo Chisel Grip (non-turn)
  • (1) 3190-12-PL 12-in. Moil Point (non-turn)
  • (2) 3189-PL Double Blade Panel Cutter (non-turn)
  • (2) 3180-PL Kwik Cutter (non-turn)
  • (2) 3180-18-PL 18-in. Kwik Cutter (non-turn)
  • (2) 3089-PL Double Blade Panel Cutter (turn-type)
  • (2) 3080-PL Kwik Cutter (turn-type)
  • (2) 3080-18-PL 18-in.Kwik Cutter (turn-type)
  • (1) 1030 15-ft., 3/8-in. Hose
  • (1) 1045 3/8-in. Male Connector (1/4-in. NPT hammer)
  • (1) 1048 3/8-in. Male Connector (1/4-in. NPT regulator)
  • (1) 1052 3/8-in. Female Coupler (3/8-in. NPT hose)
  • (1) 8246 Gauge Guard
  • (1) 5317 20-in. Steel Kit Box
  • (1) 8259 Kit Box Liner
  • (1) 1074 4-oz. Oil
  • (1) 674-RT Trim Removal Tool
  • (1) 1985 1/2 in. Impact Wrench
  • (1) 1986 11 PC. Fractional Socket Set

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