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Chicago Style Large Area Group Search Kits
Group Search Kits

Chicago Style Large Area Group Search Kits

Part Number:GSK-ST
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Group Search Kits

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16-18 Week lead time from factory

RIT's Group Search Kit makes large area search and RIT team operations a safer task. The standard kit is set up for a four person team and provides a lifeline to the outside for each member. For searching a large area the optional marker system of knots and rings assists in performing a systematic search and prevents duplication of search areas. The knot and ring system assures team members of their location and exit direction. RIT operations are also supported with this system. While searching for one of our own we have a tendency to search harder and longer than normal. Each RIT team member is not only connected to the outside, but the system also leads secondary RIT teams to their location for assistance and/or supplies.

  • 100' or 200' Primary lines are made of 9.5MM Kevlar over Polyester rope that carry an 862 degree F. temperature rating and a 7600 pound tensile strength.
  • Each kit comes with three 25' tag lines.
  • Retractable tag lines may be substituted for standard lines
  • Standard tag lines utilize 3/8
  • Retractable tag lines utilize a 6MM Kevlar over polyester rope which carries an 862 degree temperature rating and a 4000 pound tensile strength
  • Both primary and tag lines come with a non-rated snap hook
  • Click here to download the Search Operations Instructions.


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