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Euramco 8" Hazardous Electric Blower/Exhauster
8" Hazardous Electric Blower/Exhauster

Euramco 8" Hazardous Electric Blower/Exhauster

Part Number:EF7002
Your Price: $2,095.00
The RamFan UB20XX is an intrinsically safe 8 in. blower. The UL listed motor is totally enclosed for safe use in a variety of adverse atmospheres. 

The UB20XX is very compact and lightweight but delivers the highest CFM available in its class. Featuring black anti-static housing and ducting for hazardous conditions, the UB20XX has tough dual wall casing making it weatherproof, chemical resistant and dent proof. 

The motor is ultra-quiet at 74dB, and the blower/exhauster is capable of suction or discharge. The attached power cable is 30 ft. long. The plug is not included since maintaining the intrinsic safety is site specific. Please plan on this. Also, the factory can, by special request only, install specific connectors. 

Ducting: An excellent accessory to the UB20XX is the ECKO Flex durable anti-static ducting. The duct is flexible, non-collapsible, and flame retardant due to the anti-static reinforced polymer material with an integrated steel helix wire. The ECKO Flex safely conducts electricity to the ground circuit of the blower. For easy storage and transport, this reinforced duct includes a carrying bag. The size options we offer are 8" x 15' or 8" x 25'.

Airflow Data Ducted blowers are tested with the duct size (8 in.) and length specified. One and then two 90 turns are placed into the duct to introduce real world conditions. Free Air is the airflow measurement without any duct attached. 


  • 15 ft.: 4.6m
  • 25 ft: 7.6m
  • Free Air - 980 CFM
  • 15 ft. 1-90 degree turn - 789 CFM 
  • 15 ft. 2-90 degree turns - 666 CFM 
  • 25 ft. 1-90 degree turn - 722 CFM 
  • 25 ft. 2-90 degree turns - 614 CFM 
Motor Certs:

  • UL rated Class: I, Group C, D, Class II, Group E, F, G
  • Fan: 8 in. (200) x 9 blade
  • Fan RPM: 3590
  • Phase: 1o
  • Frequency(Hz): 60
  • Dimensions: 14 in. H/12 in.W/34 in. L
  • Running Amps: 2
  • Starting Amps: 8.5
  • Noise Level: 74dB
  • Horsepower: 1/3
Weight: 31 Lbs / 14 Kg

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