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Euramco Manhole Entry Device with 12V DC Blower
Manhole Entry Device with 12V DC Blower

Euramco Manhole Entry Device with 12V DC Blower

Part Number:ED9015-MED
Your Price: $1,313.00
The M.E.D allows workers to enter and exit small man-size openings while maintaining continues ventilation. Without such a device, duct fills the manhole opening, preventing rapid entry and exit. Tightly integrated into the UB-Line of confined space ventilation equipment, RAMFAN s M.E.D is quick to assemble and easy to align.
Changing its cross-section from circular to elliptical and back to circular minimizes loss and optimizes airflow into a confined space, while providing adequate room for the worker to enter and exit unimpeded. The rugged polyethylene construction endures heavy, negligent use and will last for years


  • Ventilate without blocking entry
  • Maintain airflow while working 
  • UB-Line comparable
  • High impact polyethylene
  • System Includes (or can be individually ordered)
  • 12V DC, 8"/20cm Blower/Exhauster, Quick-Couple Canister with 15'/4.6cm and 5'/1.5cm of duct, Manhole entry Device, 90° Elbow, Universal Mount, 8"/20cm duct adapter for additional duct connections
System Includes:

  • ED7004CL/DS - Quick-Couple Long Canister, 2 pcs (8") duct - (5ft and 15ft) and duct coupler - 22 Lbs
  • ED9002 - 8" 1/3HP Blower-Exhauster - Battery Clips (ED-SMHBC15) - 12VDC - 17 Lbs
  • MED5100 - M-E-D, Manhole Entry Device, Includes: MED Vent, Elbow, Mount (No Blower) - 20 Lbs
Weight: 61 Lbs / 28 Kg

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