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Fire Research Frog-D Three Phase - Delta
Frog-D Three Phase - Delta

Fire Research Frog-D Three Phase - Delta

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The FROG-D 3P is a compact 3-phase generator display with built-in warning capabilities.

The FROG-D FDA700 series replaces the venerable FDA300 series and offers much easier installation. Sensor cabling no longer needs to be run to the back of the display, but instead can be interfaced at or near the circuit breaker panel.

Like its predecessor, this updated display module offers a weatherproof, multi-function, digital display for three-phase 60 Hz generators rated from 10 to 135 kW with a delta or star winding.

Standard Features:

  • Generator Output Frequency
  • Line Voltages (Phase to Neutral or Phase to Phase)
  • Current on Each Line
  • Total Generator Operating Hours
  • Monitor Each Line Individually or Scan All Lines Continuously
  • Optional Audible Warning Buzzer
  • Built-in Warning for Generator Overload
  • Hydraulic Oil Temperature (Optional)

The FROG-D 3P engages automatically when output voltage is sensed from the generator being monitored.

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