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Fire Research Insight Ultimate Flowmeter with Backlighting
Insight Ultimate Flowmeter with Backlighting

Fire Research Insight Ultimate Flowmeter with Backlighting

Part Number:FPA402-000
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Pressure gets water to the fire, but it's water flow that puts the fire out! Getting the right flow on the fire is critical. Forget using rule-of-thumb based on variables such as pressure readings, hose size, length, and friction loss. Flowmeters give an exact and immediate measure of the water being used.

The Insight Ultimate is a flowmeter and pressure indicator that displays the flow rate and the pressure at the discharge.

The INSIGHT ULTIMATE digital flowmeter and pressure indicator combines a digital LED flow display and a traditional style electronic pressure indicator into one practical display module. The digital flowmeter is a 4-digit LED display driven by a paddlewheel flow sensor. The pressure indicator is an electronically controlled analog display. A microprocessor controls the needle movement to provide an accurate and steady pressure display. Leakage and freeze-up problems common in mechanical pressure gauges are eliminated.

The pressure/flow indicator is able to communicate with other display modules over a datalink. This technology allows for remote displays, the display of flow for multiple discharges (summing), and the totalization of flow for multiple discharges (accumulation). Pressure information is from a pressure sensor and flow rate is provided by a paddlewheel type flow sensor, both are mounted in the discharge. This information is processed and shown on the digital display.

Plumbing The Flow Sensor:

The proper installation of the flow sensor is essential. The final accuracy of the digital flow display will be based on the plumbing choices made at installation.


  • Displays GPM and PSI Directly
  • All Aluminum Housing
  • Display Module Identification and Program Access Modes
  • Datalink Interface - allows for remote displays and summing or accumulating of flow from all discharges
  • Linearizer Feature - Multiple Flow Rate Calibration Points
  • Pressure Scale Expands Between 100 and 250 PSI
  • Safeflow Feature - High and Low Flow Warnings
  • NFPA Color Coded Bezel (Optional)
  • External Totalizing Button (Optional)
  • Flow Conditioner (Optional)
  • Backlighting (Optional)
  • Paddlewheel Style Flow Sensor
  • 3.75" panel cutout required


  • Supply Voltage: 9-30 VDC
  • Supply Current: 1.0 Amp
  • Display Dimensions: 4.25" wide, 4.25" high, 3.4" deep

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