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Niedner Forestry Econoflo Hose - Yellow
Forestry Econoflo Hose - Yellow

Niedner Forestry Econoflo Hose - Yellow

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Lightweight and compact, ECONOFLO has standard brass Garden Hose Thread fittings and is factory proof pressure test rated at 300 PSIG (2100 kPa). A 100% filament polyester, elastomer lined, single-jacket flat-woven hose; available in 3/4" and 5/8" (19 mm and 16 mm) sizes with yellow ENCAP. 

Designed for wildland applications, ECONOFLO can also be used for Hazardous Material operations and personnel decontamination. When used on or around asphalt or pavement, care must be taken to minimize damage by abrasion or pin-holing may occur. Its variety of exceptional features makes ECONOFLO a very popular hose. 

Available Lengths:

  • 50 Feet (15.2 m)
  • 100 Feet (30.5 m)
Brass Garden Hose Thread and Hose diameter:

  • 3/4" Hose Diameter (Blue Collar) 150 PSI
  • 5/8" Hose Diameter (Black Collar) 200 PSI

  • The hose shall be a single jacket construction with 100% spun polyester yarn.
  • There shall be a minimum of 21.0 filler yarns per inch in the jacket.
  • The thickness of the lining shall be 0.012" (305 µm) minimum and it shall be constructed of extruded T.P.U. elastomer.
  • If required (optional), the outside jacket shall be treated with yellow ENCAP elastomer, which shall completely encapsulate the jacket fibers and not merely surface coat the jacket.
  • The hose service temperature range shall be -60°F to 140°F (-51°C to 60°C).
  • At 300 PSIG (2100 kPa), its elongation shall not exceed 2% of the initial hose length, it shall not warp more than 10 inches (25 cm) and should not rise from the test table.
  • The hose shall not twist more than 5 turns per 50 ft (15,2 m) while at 300 PSIG (2100 kPa).
  • Minimum service test pressure of 150 PSIG (1050 kPa).
  • Minimum proof test pressure of 300 PSIG (2100 kPa).
  • Minimum straight burst test pressure of 600 PSIG (4200 kPa).
  • The hose while curved to a radius of 27" (69 cm) shall not burst at less than 600 PSIG (4200 kPa).
Please Note: This hose is used mainly as a disposable hose for forestry wildfires, Hazmat, RVS for Storage. Firefighters will carry these in their bags, pockets, or utilizing the belt pouch we sell for these... They do not have very good abrasion resistance. Therefore, if you drag them across the pavement/blacktop, they encounter something relatively a thorn or stick, etc. It will pin hole. They do work great otherwise. 

Example: When you only drag them on grass. A better option is the Econoforest (Household, Fire Station, All Around Use). That does have much better abrasion resistance" 

Niedner ECONOFLO, is not approved for potable water however, the component used to manufacture the TPU liner inside this hose is approved.

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