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PMI Harken Power Seat
Harken Power Seat

PMI Harken Power Seat

Part Number:HD26234
Your Price: $8,993.70
The Harken PowerSeat is a groundbreaking in-seat powered ascender/descender for vertical rope access. Operated by gas, the PowerSeat is designed to stay in an upright position, allowing technicians to work comfortably at height and to complete tasks quickly. Safety is paramount. A dead man s switch controls ascent speed up to 15 m/min (49.2 ft/min), while a fail-safe braking system controls descent and prevents free-falls. An electric version of the PowerSeat will be available soon. The Harken PowerSeat is built of strong, noncorrosive materials and weighs just 30.80 lbs (14.000 kg) for easy hand carry. Maximum working load is 601.80 lbs (73.000 kg), allowing two-person rescue operations. It is CE certified to Machinery Directive and verified by Bureau Veritas. The PowerSeat s many applications include: mountain rescue, industrial maintenance, wind turbine & offshore construction, engineering and inspections, marine & rigging. It can also be used in horizontal configurations to haul material or fixed -point rigging for rescue. Must be used with a Fall-Arrest system

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically designed to stay in an upright position
  • A winch brake offers security against a free fall
  • Speed control is achieved by a fail-safe switch which controls accent speed
  • Alloy steel carrying gears provide strength
  • Stainless steel pins provide durability
  • Steel bearings reduce friction and maximize reliability


  • WLL: 601.9 lbs (273 kg)
  • Weight: 30.90 lbs (14.000 kg)

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