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Turbo Road Flare LED Lighting Kit
Turbo Road Flare LED Lighting Kit

Turbo Road Flare LED Lighting Kit

Part Number:TF-AA-8PK
Your Price: $497.00
Why choose Turbo Road Flares? Road flares are a safety necessity, however traditional single use disposable flares have clear drawbacks. Turbo Road Flares are equally effective emergency indicators, or even superior with the availability of different colors and flashing patterns. They easily grab the attention of drivers, alerting them to danger ahead. Likewise, they have applications in many industries. From first responders to traffic control to construction, and mining. Anywhere a lighted path is needed Turbo Road Flares are applicable. All in all Turbo Road Flares are a perfect replacement for disposable incendiary flares, and supply all of the same safety circumstances. Compared to incendiary flares you face no toxic fumes or dangerous environmental by products. With incendiary flares you light up the scene with one color. With Turbo Road Flares you have the choice of five different colors, or you can choose to have several different colors at the same scene. You may choose to set three of your flares to flash red, while setting three others to a chasing pattern with blue. It's completely your choice; red, amber, blue, green, or white. Turbo Road Flares are used by first responders, police, fire fighters, and many others doing emergency work. Even truck drivers and individual motorists can benefit from using Turbo Road Flares in emergency situations. New Technology Surface Mount LED's RGBW LED's 20 Top Mounted LED's 8 Bottom Mounted LED's Low Battery LED Five Colors Red Blue Green Amber White Four Modes Single LED Chase Mode Quad LED Chase Mode Flash Mode Flashlight Mode Plus Orange Translucent Base

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