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When you're in the heat of the moment, you don't want to be thinking about why your equipment isn't working. When you shop with Feld Fire, you'll never have to worry about that. Our equipment is built to last, from firefighting gear to the smallest coupling. We've got you covered.

Looking for New Hose Accessories?

At Feld Fire, we know your job requires a lot of gear, from the basic boots, jacket, and other safety gear to something small like a hose coupling. We have high-quality fire hose couplings so that you will never have to worry about your equipment malfunctioning while fighting a fire. Our brass nozzles are made for a number of hoses, including the forestry hose style. Many of these nozzles are easily twistable to adjust from a heavy wide spray to a more accurate, pinpoint stream. You'll be able to direct the water exactly how you want it every time with higher water pressure than most hoses and you can even use it during wildland fires. These hose couplings are made of solid brass and stainless steel components, making them extremely durable.

Trust Feld Fire

If you're ready to experience the difference in firefighting gear, check out Feld Fire today. We want you to be safe, prepared, and successful in your job, so we offer all the gear and supplies necessary to fight any kind of fire across the United States. Shop below or give us a call for more information on styles, pricing, availability, and more!
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