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Fire Research ManSaver Aerial Bars
ManSaver Aerial Bars

Fire Research ManSaver Aerial Bars

Part Number:MSA406
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The Aerial Bar is a safety bar that can be mounted at the end of the ladder across the opening to the bucket. Like the standard ManSaver, it is spring loaded so an operator does not have to remember to close or latch it.

The aerial bar is a variation on our standard ManSaver. This uncovered bar has a stainless steel U-shaped tube welded to it to cover more area and to help prevent a person from slipping underneath the bar. Designed for use at the top of an aerial device, at the back of the "bucket" where the ladder leads down to the elevated turntable. The ladder is often at precarious angles, and an accidental fall from the bucket during operations could cause serious injury.

Standard Features:

  • Opens in two directions (up and in).
  • Available in 24" and 26" sizes only.
  • Stainless loop welded to the bar provides extra area protection.
  • Spring loaded to always return to a closed position.
  • 4 grade 8 mounting bolts provided.
  • All aluminum extrusion and aluminum bronze castings - cannot rust.


The standard bar mounts on the left as you enter the basket from the ladder. If this kind of mounting will interfere with a control panel in the basket, an aerial bar that mounts on the opposite side is available. The Aerial bar comes with a 6 or 10 inch stainless steel loop welded to an unpadded ManSaver.

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