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A mixture of wetting agents, foaming agents, emulsifiers, and rust inhibitors formulated expressly for the fire service. PENETRO-WET greatly increases the fire extinguishing efficiency of water, therby reducing water damage and conserving that valuable water supply. 

PENETRO-WET is a “Class A” foaming product. Used with a modern variable percentage eductor, PENETRO-WET bridges the realm of fire fighting capabilities. Use at low percentages for simple “Class A” fires (grass, etc.) where thorough wetting is required and increase eductor percentage settings when heavier foam is desired. 

A “Class A” product with a different approach - maximum wetting, minumum foam. More foam when you need it with no extra expensive equipment required. PENETRO-WET, used strickly as “Class A” foam, produces a substantial foam blanket with superior wetting capabilities. Drain time and stability are not compromised. PENETRO-WET is also effective as an emulsifying agent when used at increased concentrations on light petroleum spills, vehicle accidents, etc. 

Product Capabilities 
  • 100% Non-toxic 
  • Non flammable 
  • Harmless to equipment 
  • Reduces water damage 
  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable 
  • Contains Tank Preserver for preventative maintanance 
  • Saves water with high dilution rates 
  • Rust and corrosion protectant 
  • No Re-Kindles 
  • This product is currently in stock

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