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Tech Tips

Compressor Service

Make sure you dump the condensate reservoir on your compressor regularly. We would recommend dumping the reservoir at least every month or if it contains any fluid at all.

SCBA and Gas Detection

  1. Check your SCBA batteries & voice amp batteries
  2. Check for current hydrotest dates and function test dates on cylinders and SCBA.
  3. Monthly gas monitor charged and calibrated?

Apparatus Service - Pump Test Time
Be sure exercise your pump primers, relief valves and transfer valves once a week. It will save you time and money, come pump test time.

SCBA Service - Battery Maintenance
When the batteries in your Scott Safety SCBA unit are low, they must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid corrosion damage. Left unchecked, dead batteries will eventually corrode, damaging battery boards and consoles. Change the batteries in your Scott Safety SCBA units in a timely manner, and replace with batteries approved by Scott Safety. Currently, the only batteries that can be used in Scott Safety SCBA units are Energizer Industrial or Duracell ProCell batteries. 

SCBA Service - Storage and Wear
Facepiece straps being worn out, nose cups out of place and NOT stretching the headnet over the lens for storage.

Compressor Service - Storage Areas
Keep areas around compressors clean and clear. Do not use these areas for storage.
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