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AED Units

Feld Fire has a number of various Automated External Defibrillators available for purchase as well as the equipment to store and protect them. One particular option is the protective wall cabinets. Feld Fire offers several variations of this. The protective cabinet by STI guards the inside AED equipment against environmental contaminants such as dust, dirt, and other forms of external pollution. Constructed of polycarbonate, it is of a durable material that can help to prevent vandalism along with a clear thumb lock. It is available with a stop sign alarm, a siren or strobe alarm, or without an alarm. The cabinet also includes a wire shelf for its interior. It is 12 1/4 inches high, 12 1/4 inches wide, and its depth measures 6 1/2 inches.

Another option among available wall cabinets from Feld Fire is the recessed wall cabinet. The semi-recessed wall cabinet by Life Start will fit nearly all AED units. It includes a Brigadier door with plexiglass, which gives the door a transparent as well as shatterproof quality. Also included with the wall cabinet are white epoxy paint and a siren alarm of 9 volts. It reaches 14 inches high as well as 14 inches wide, and it measures 6 3/4 inches deep.

Feld Fire also has available the surface mount wall cabinet by Life Start, which also comes with a 9V siren alarm, white epoxy paint, and a Brigadier door. This wall cabinet fits most AED units as well. It is 17 3/8 inches tall and 17 3/8 inches wide with a depth of exactly 7 inches. Feld Fire offers equipment to suit a wide range of AED needs, from protective to recessed wall cabinets. Order below or call 1-800-568-2403 today!
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