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Protective Cabinets for Automated External Defibrillator Unites

Having a protective cabinet to store an automated external defibrillator is as important in an emergency as having the AED unit itself. With a properly installed protective cabinet, your AED unit will be protected from contaminants such as airborne dust and dirt, while also remaining clearly visible and accessible in the event of an emergency. Protective cabinets are structured with strong materials, locks, and alarms to deter any unnecessary tampering or vandalism.

Feld Fire carries a wide selection of protective cabinets for storing automated external defibrillators in various shapes, sizes, and styles. These AED cabinets are constructed to be easily mounted to most walls, and feature a durable polycarbonate construction. They are accessible via a thumb lock and have a variety of optional alarm features. You can choose between no alarm, a stop sign alarm (with choice of a warning horn of either 105 dB or 95 dB), or a combination of siren alarm and strobe light. All contents of protective cabinets are clearly displayed, and their locking mechanisms keep them safe from accidentally being opened and having the AED contained put at risk.

If you have need for an easily accessible AED, then you need a protective cabinet to keep the device safe and accessible. At Feld Fire, we’ve got you covered.
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