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Understanding Wildfires

Posted by on 11/10/2015 to Fire News

What is the Cause of Wildfires?

While it is possible that nature can cause wildfires, it is much more likely that humans will be the cause of most wildfires. Did you know that as many as 90% of wildland fires are caused by humans in the United States? The sad part of this is that most wildland fires can be prevented by just using common sense. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Campfires left unattended
  • Burning of leaves and other debris
  • Discard cigarettes 
  • Arson

What is Fire Danger? 

Fire Danger is a term used to account for both constant and variable factors of a wildfire for an area. Fire Danger takes into account initiation, control, and spread of that wildfire. There are levels used to determine the danger in a given area. These are the levels:

Green or Low: Fire is unlikely to start due to weather conditions and fuel conditions in the area. It would be safest to have a controlled burn at this level.

Blue or Moderate: Some wildfires could occur at this level. Control may not be difficult, and some controlled burning can be done, but it could cause a hazard in the area and should be monitored very carefully.

Yellow or High: Wildfires are likely and can burn and grow easily. Wildfires won't be easy to surpress. 

Orange or Very High: All causes can easily start fire and the fires could be very hard to control. Outdoor burning is not recommended. 

Red or Extreme: Fires will start and spread rapidly. Fires all have the potential to become big wildfires. Expect easy to spread, hard to control fires. Outdoor burning is not allowed. 

Knowing the Fire Danger level and being aware of the common causes of wildfires can help prevent these types of fires in a big way. Pay attention to your local weather, and just be careful when  using fire in the wild. Help prevent wildfires and save a firefighters life!



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