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Firehouse Exercise on a Budget

Posted by Feldfire Team on 6/22/2014 to Fire Fighting
There is no question that firefighters are among the most essential government workers in most municipal jurisdictions. Yet, in the current economic climate across much of the country, local budgets are being squeezed, and sometimes that means the firehouses don't always get all the funding they may need in order to continue operations uninterrupted.

And when that happens, fire chiefs usually have to resort to creative ways to manage the budget without putting public safety at risk by laying off firefighters. And in some cases, that may mean reducing or eliminating the firehouse gym. But firefighters need to be able to stay in shape so they can do their jobs at peak effectiveness. So what to do?

It does not have to be a matter of deciding whether to have a gym or not - it can simply be a matter of knowing the best equipment that will meet a wide range of essential exercises without being expensive to own or maintain. Here is a quick list of the most essential pieces of equipment for any firehouse gym - a gym that has space for an entire crew to work out together and without large pieces of equipment to take up the floor space. If your gym has most of these items, then you have everything you need and anything else can be sold to help make ends meet:
  • Dumbbells - from five to 75 pounds.
  • Adjustable bench - for incline, flat and decline exercises.
  • Kettle balls
  • Adjustable cable column - especially good in a corner of your gym space.
  • Adjustable squat rack
  • Treadmill/Spin bike/step mill
  • Rowing machine
  • Tractor tire - 100 to 150 pounds.
  • Medicine ball
  • Exercise/stability ball
  • Foam roller - 3 feet long by 6-inch diameter.
  • TRX or other suspension training system
  • Old fire hose - great for pulling or dragging exercises to build power.

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