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Turn Out Gear for Fire Fighters

Posted by John Feld on 3/7/2014 to Fire Equipment
A fire can quickly destroy homes, businesses, large fields of grain, or vibrant forests. Without the intense services provided by firefighters, the danger of the rapidly growing fire can spread quickly. Fumes from burning objects, the associated smoke and ash, and the high temperatures may all be as dangerous to life as the fire itself.
It should be clear that these dangers can pose serious risks for those men and women who are willing to battle those flames. If these fire fighters are not outfitted with the appropriate gear, they can be as susceptible to loss of consciousness and worse when confronted with a fire.

Turnout Gear

There are several different pieces of equipment required by a fire fighter. The protective suit that the firefighter wears is called bunker gear. The outerwear is fire retardant, is often yellow or tan, and might have reflective tape for heightened visibility. The specific components of this gear include:
  • Jackets: These must be made from fire retardant materials and are constructed of three layers. Jackets are fitted with rings for attaching tools. Each jacket typically weighs up to fifteen pounds.
  • Pants: Created from the same type of fabric as the jacket, pants will protect the firefighter from the heat of flames while insulating the body during cold temperatures. Pants have deep pockets for carrying additional equipment.
  • Boots: Every fire fighter understands the importance of sturdy boots. These must be heavy duty and are also fire retardant. These boots are typically puncture resistant.
  • Gloves: As with the rest of the equipment, gloves must be fire retardant and heavy duty. They must also allow the firefighter to have enough flexibility to handle their equipment efficiently.
  • Fire Helmets and Hoods: Underneath the familiar fire helmet is a fire retardant hood. These protect the neck and the face of the fire fighter. The helmet provides added protection from anything falling because of the fire.
Those men and women who have worked to become firefighters hold a special place in the hearts of the rest of us. They put their lives on the line as they work to protect life and property. The quality of their equipment is essential and must be of the best quality in order to protect these heroes.

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