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Getting Above A Fire Safely And Effectively

Posted by Feld Fire on 8/27/2014 to Fire Fighting

When it comes to fighting fires, the conventional wisdom is to attack the fire from the base, having your feet firmly on the ground on equal footing with the fire. However, there is little doubt that sticking with that wisdom can be risky and could result in more damage to a structure, especially if that structure is two or more stories and the fire is on the first floor.

There is line of thought that considers an option to aggressively attack such a fire with a second crew above the fire to prevent vertical spread, which can be common in wood-frame structures. Even if the first crew on the scene is attacking the fire from the source, the fire can go up walls or through windows and attack upper spaces in the building, so with effective communication, the second crew should put itself into position to open up spaces up above the fire and attack it to avoid the upward expansion.

The first keys are to make sure to help the first crew when you can to put them in the best position to contain the fire quickly. Once the first crew is operating, make sure to talk with the first crew to let them know you are setting up a second line upstairs, and make every effort to keep your escape route (the stairs) clear as you work upward. When you get to an upper floor, it's a good idea to be aggressive in locating concealed spaces and open them up as efficiently as you can - fire that spreads upward could easily find itself in hidden places and can extend relatively unnoticed. So every space you can find above the fire needs to be addressed so there is always a line of attack for any upward movement.

Being above a fire is certainly dangerous due to the risk of the fire weakening the floor and causing a collapse, but the key is to have strong and clear communication with the first crew and help any way you can to get the first crew in control of the fire before you head upstairs - and then be aggressive at opening up all possible hidden spaces to have he best success in containing and exterminating a fire before it causes too much damage.

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