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Spotting Wildfires, The Tools Of The Trade

Posted by Feld Fire on 8/28/2014 to Fire Safety

Wildfires are rather a problem these days and that is due to the lack of rainfall resulting in drought conditions in many portions of the U.S. One of the keys to success in regards toward stopping a wildfire in its tracks is catching it early enough to do something about it before it grows out of hand. In the past, when a fire was burning deep in the hills, it usually had to grow to immense levels before it was spotted, but now we can do something about it as quickly as possible.


Planes are pretty integral part of spotting wildfires from afar. They can cover a wide area quickly and provide valuable data for those on board. Many of these planes offer a great deal of gizmos to use in order to spot a fire and any potential trouble spots. Using thermal imaging in flight can tell those on board how hot a fire is and if there is a small fire on the ground, beyond the sight of these fast moving planes. By being able to cover thousands of acres these planes have made it possible to stop a fire before it even consumes a few acres at best.

Fire Lookout Towers

You might think that these towers are something out of the past, but you'd be wrong. The fire lookout towers are still heavily used to this day because they allow for a constant surveillance of a specific spot. Also these towers are used to educate those venturing out into the forest about fire safety, and in-case a fire were to break out, they know exactly who was in the area.

These are the two main forms of catching a wildfire before it explodes clear across the state. They may be simple but with this job they are invaluable.

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